Custom Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders

      Custom hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders precisely manufactured for your toughest jobs.

      Your specialized pneumatic and custom hydraulic cylinders need expert engineering, testing, lasting performance and repair. For decades, we’ve been meeting exacting standards to provide custom-made hydraulic cylinders and specially designed pneumatic cylinders for a variety of applications, including:

      • custom cylinder

        Steel Mill Machinery

      • Aluminum Casting/Extrusion

      • Plastic Molding Presses

      • Plastic Machinery

      • Rubber Injection Molding Presses

      • Mining Machinery

      • Railroad Maintenance

      • Aerospace Equipment

      • Marine Equipment

      • Various Hydraulic Presses

      • Shovels

      • Lumber Machinery

      • Civil Engineering Projects

      • Sand Molding

      • Conveyors

      • Broaching

      You’ll find our custom hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders performing for years in an array of projects across many industries.

      Completely Custom Cylinders for Challenging Demands

      We meet a wide variety of demands by designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders with:

      • Bore sizes up to 50”

      • Operation pressures up to 10,000 psi

      • Stroke lengths up to 60’

      Our customized, heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders meet the rigors of your most critical jobs. We can accommodate welded or mill design types, utilize inch or metric specifications, incorporate advanced sealing technologies and provide specialized or catalog mountings and accessories.

      Our engineers work with you to create special designs for rotating cylinders, distributor assemblies, double rod end cylinders, intensifiers, spring return cylinders and cylinders equipped with linear displacement transducers and proximity switches.

      Our Process

      The design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders needs a meticulous process—and we have one that's proven to deliver cylinders that meet the highest quality standards.

      First, a salesperson and engineer will work with you to assess your current needs and the application. Then, using our multigenerational engineering expertise and manufacturing capabilities, we design a cylinder that will meet all of your requirements. Traditional manufacturing tactics, refined over generations, ensure our cylinders last longer.

      Our quality designs have stood out in our industry for years, and our proven products ensure your custom cylinder will perform as intended for years to come.

      Custom Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing Process


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